Tuesday, June 1, 2010

beautiful girls

We visited some friends recently who have 3 of the most unique, beautiful girls! Their eyes and lips and faces are such a combination of their mommy and daddy. "J", their oldest, was often playing with my oldest, so I didn't get many of her. However, I love this shot. . .

"Juju" their middle child was beyond amazing. Her eyes were piercing and sweet--there is so much going on in her head! I could NOT take my camera off of her!!!

I was also so excited to finally meet baby "M". She is such a happy baby--especially when Mommy was around, so I had to include Mommy in a photo too!


  1. Great shots! I love that last one of J2 that shows so much going on (juggling all of her sippies, while clearly reaching for something else (a rock for another collection?) and paying attention to the photographer) while her expression is calm and thoughtful.

    First pic of "J" is just captivating too!


  2. Wow, these are great! You have a photographer's eye!

  3. I like the fudgesicle on the best.
    I also especially love your use of lighting and texture..
    it makes your photos look so full of life
    I think I do the same thing in my shots.

    or at least try to!!
    but you know how it is.. you get what you get sometimes, although pleasantly pleased more often than not. Sometimes it is not as originally planned.