Tuesday, May 4, 2010

newborns--first attempts

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to photograph newborn babies thanks to a couple of friends of mine, who graciously gave birth to adorable little boys this past winter! Other than my own children, I had never taken photos of newborns, and that was well before the photography bug had bitten me! So, reminding my sweet friends, that I made NO guarantees on ANY good shots, they let me practice away! I learned different things from both "photo shoots" and can't wait to put them in to practice again---especially with our #3 on the way! Thank you Jennifers for letting me drool over photograph your precious boys! I want to eat them up!!!

Sweet baby H! So alert here and precious face!

I love that you can see the pores on his nose and the reflection in his eyes!

Getting tuckered out!

Ahhhhh newborn feet!! I love them!!

Precious baby C!! Mesmerized by his Mommy!

His eyes just grab me in this one!

Pure innocence!

Eyes, nose, mouth--adorable little face!

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