Thursday, January 13, 2011


So my last post was in July of last year. Yikes! I had good intentions with this blog, but I ended up adding favorite photos to my family blog and just never added to this niche here. This year, I hope to do better. I'm challenging myself to a 365 photo project. Taking a photo a day to capture all the goings on around us. I've actually missed a few days already because I hadn't quite committed to the project yet, but since it's a personal goal--one I've taken on to make a photo book at the end of the year and one for practice, I'm okay with it. I may decide to find a way to put all of my photos from this project as thumbnails here, but for now, I will add this pic, because I love it. Every morning L wakes up, he has messy bed head. Every morning his Daddy makes magic with his hair. They go to a sink and L gets doused with water. They tease and joke around with crazy styles, but L always comes away looking like he left a salon!

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  1. What a fun pic! I love the contrast between business dress and t-shirt / messy hair. The expression and action certainly give this photo the right emotion, and kudos for pulling out the red in the photo.