Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Photowalk of 2010!

I initally planned to go out and capture a sunrise, but the weather did not cooperate! After getting up and throwing on some clothes, it wasn't until I was pulling out of my garage before realizing that the sun wasn't out. But, I was determined to practice, practice, practice! So, I pushed forth into the gray, early Saturday morning hour and headed to Shelby Farms. I started with some ducks and the reflecting waters of the lake, but wasn't quite satisfied. I ventured around and finally discovered what I wanted my subject to be---very eager and friendly horses! The first picture is slightly overexposed, but I like it that way. It seems to give a softness to the horses. I was excited about how the horses were lining up in the second picture. It was fun to play with composition in this shot. And my last shot simply reminded me of two friends enjoying each other's company!

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